Why Ashes Jewelry?

Ashes jewelry better known as urn jewelry is the best way to store the memory of your dear ones. This will help you to safeguard the ashes of your dear ones with you. The personal memoir of the jewelry will help you to safely keep the same through generations. For most of the people around ashes, jewelry is more than an emotion. The compartment in the jewelry which can be accessed once you take off the screw acts like a storage area where you may store the personal favorites related to your beloved ones. Moreover, the jewelry will offer you comfort the more and the more often you wear it. People often wear cremation jewelry when it comes to weddings, special occasions like graduation, etc.

Cremation Jewelry in Ashes Jewelry

Cremation jewelry comes with different designs and styles. The ashes necklace is often a showpiece of great value when worn on any auspicious occasion. Women are more leaned to using ashes jewellery. There are even ashes rings, earrings, etc which adds their value and versatility.

Filling in the Jewelry

The below-mentioned items make the fillers of the jewelry.

The tiny screwdriver.

A glue and cocktail stick to keep the items safe inside the jewelry.

The tiny funnel kind of material and a soft cloth.

How to Fill in the Jewelry?

Carefully remove the screwdriver and insert the funnel into the slot of the compartment. With a teaspoon pour a small amount of ash into space. It is always the best to start pouring with 1/8 teaspoon of the same. Don’t overfill the urn. With the silver pin, you may gently adjust the ashes into the urn without scratching the surface which would probably spoil the same. Always make sure that you are filling the gap 80 percent to stop avoiding choking the full ash in the space. Flush the ash that is trapped at the side and replace the screw into the slot smoothly. Place some cocktail thread to the screw and glue it and place back the screw in the slot to secure it tighter.

What can You Put in the Jewelry?

The most common item to fill the ashes jewellery is the cremation ashes. Some people often like to store other sentimental items in the urn-like space in an ashes necklace. You may also have a small amount of the sacred soil etc in the urn. The things to fill should be very fine to fill the ashes jewelry. If you are not having the burial soil you can even choose to put a small lock of hair in the urn. People often put dried flowers used in funerals which make the memory of the parted.

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