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This Is Why Skull Rings Is So Famous

Jewelry is not just for women. Men enjoy wearing accessories too. Wearing trendy jewelry exudes charm, confidence, and style. Different men have different preferences when it comes to jewelry. Some men prefer wearing studs while some men prefer wearing lockets. There are many kinds of trendy jewelry for men – chains, bracelets, rings, and studs. You must have come across men wearing stainless steel skull rings or even a mens gold bead bracelet. You must have also seen men wearing black stud earrings or a funky gold chain. Let us check out the different jewelry men wear.

  • Rings

Rings are very popular amongst men. A ring is a versatile piece of jewelry. You can pick a ring according to your taste. You can opt for flamboyant designs or you can pick something classic. Some men prefer to wear gold or silver bands. On the other hand, some men wear funky pieces like stainless steel skull rings or colored gemstone rings. These pieces reflect the character of the man who wears it. Some men also have a habit of stacking many rings together. Many celebrities do this as well. Thus, rings are a style statement. You can wear a single signature piece or stack many small rings together.

  • Bracelets

Another popular accessory is a bracelet. There are many varieties of bracelets. Some men like to wear threaded bands. It oozes coolness and hip vibes. On the other hand, some men prefer to wear something expensive. Thus, they go for thick gold chains in different designs. You must have come across someone wearing a mens gold bead bracelet. Many popular celebrities wear these beaded bracelets. It adds spunk to their outfit.

  • Lockets and Chains

Neck chains are immensely popular amongst men. Generally, men wear chains, rings, and bracelets together. It makes their look complete. Sometimes, they stack multiple gold chains together to make them look visually appealing. At other times, they may wear statement pieces in the form of lockets. There are some popular symbols that men wear. Skulls, crosses, and roses are some of the common designs. Some men also wear lockets for sentimental purposes. These pieces have a personal significance for them.

  • Studs

More and more men are getting ear and nose piercings. They like to wear studs or rings. Men can wear studs in different colors. Generally, men like to wear black studs. Some men also go fancy and wear a small diamond stud. If men do not want to wear something very expensive, they can go for rings. There are metal and stainless steel rings available in various sizes. Nose rings are less common amongst men. However, more and more men are starting to wear nose rings nowadays.

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