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Things That Make You Love And Hate Jewelry For Ashes

Everyone wants to look good. We wear trendy clothes, spend hundreds on grooming, and buy designer stuff to stand out from others. Women have lots of options when it comes to styling. They can style their outfit in various ways, ace their makeup, don different hairstyles, and carry accessories. However, men only have a few options. Men can either opt for chains and bracelets or wear rings and sunglasses. How can they stand out? They can create a style statement by wearing unique pieces of accessories. From stainless steel military dog tags to jewelry for ashes, let us look at some unique accessories for men.

Statement Necklaces for Men

Many men like wearing chains and pendants. Thus, neck accessories are very common. Cross, moon, and heart pendants are some of the popular neck accessories. However, men can experiment a little and go for less popular necklaces. Military dog tags are unusual and yet eye-catching. Initially, only soldiers in the military had military dog tags. Some soldiers like to wear it routinely. Nowadays, stainless steel military dog tags are available for everyone. Some dog tags have quotes on them. On the other hand, people can also get custom military dog tags. They can pick an inscription of their choice. Thus, military dog tags make a good statement.

Cremation Jewelry for Men

Not many people are aware of the concept of cremation jewelry. These are specially made jewelry for ashes. People can commemorate their loved ones by storing their ashes in such jewelry. Cremation jewelry is available in the form of rings, pendants, and bracelets. These pieces of jewelry have a small container inside to store the ashes. Cremation jewelry is available for everyone. Thus, men can honor their loved ones by wearing such unique pieces of jewelry. Pendants made of precious stones and crystals are quite popular. There are designs in the shape of roses, daggers, and skulls. Men can customize their cremation jewelry according to their taste. They can select a unique design that has a personal meaning for them. Alternatively, they can pick from the designs available.

Statement Rings for Men

A ring is a simple piece of jewelry. Generally, men wear rings in the form of wedding rings. However, some men like to wear unique rings. Statement rings are very stylish and attractive to look at. There are many obscure ring designs available for men. Scorpion rings are very cool to look at. Some men also like to wear rings with ancient symbols or inscriptions. Additionally, there are rings with a centerpiece. The centerpiece is generally made up of diamonds or other precious stones. Men can select a ring that matches their personality and style.

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