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With rising electricity prices and uneasiness over fossil fuel emissions, more Indian homeowners are switching to solar power. Putting solar panels on your roof can make you less dependent on the power grid and lower your monthly bills. But to truly unlock the potential of your solar photovoltaic (PV) system, you need a solar inverter.

The inverter is the brain of your solar energy system, and the solar panels are its muscles. Together, they turn solar energy into useful electricity to make sure that the best electricity is made.

Below, we have discussed the uses and benefits of adding a solar inverter to your home.

Uses and Benefits of Solar Inverter

The solar PV inverters does more than just turn sunlight into power that can be used.

It is also needed to get the most energy out of your solar panels, keep an eye on their output, connect them to the power grid, and find problems that could damage your system.

Conversion of DC to AC

A solar inverter efficiently converts the Direct Current (DC) from the solar to Alternating Current (AC) for home usage.

With a solar inverter, the solar energy produced on your roof can be used directly inside your home.

Monitors system output

Most solar panel inverters come with some way of viewing how much energy they are currently producing, and some even allow you to track your solar system’s performance through a mobile app or website.

Detects fault

Older electrical wiring and solar equipment can break down and cause potentially dangerous electrical faults.

When this happens, the solar power inverter quickly finds the problems and shuts down the system to protect the rest.

A solar inverter will also inform you when service is needed to avoid more damage.

Maximizes energy production

Solar inverters keep a check on the power of your solar panels, which helps them work better.

This guarantees that your solar panels are in good condition and generate enough power.

Grid Backup Supply

Even if your solar panels get temporarily shaded or stop working, a solar inverters easily switches to drawing backup power from the grid so that appliance functioning is unaffected.

Also, solar inverters stop electricity from flowing back to power lines during power outages.

Low maintenance

Essential cleaning, connection checks, and performance monitoring are all needed for maintenance.

Many high-quality inverters are maintenance-free for five years.

A rooftop solar PV system with inverters can increase its resale value by making your property energy-efficient and cheaper.


Adding a solar inverter to your home’s rooftop solar system helps it reach its full potential.

They are the second most important thing you need with solar cells to become energy-independent and save money.

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