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The Ultimate Guide To Remove Spam Backlinks

Remove Spam Backlinks :- Website owners and SEO professionals attend great lengths to urge their sites ranked on the primary page of Google and other search engines.

But unfortunately, unscrupulous competitors aren’t above launching negative SEO attacks against top-ranking websites. These attacks aren’t as dangerous as they wont to be, but done properly, they will still have negative – and lasting – consequences to a site’s organic rank.

Negative SEO can take many forms but it’s usually a mixture of the subsequent tactics:

  • Building spammy backlinks to your domain
  • Removing your quality backlinks
  • Website hacking

Building spammy backlinks (also called ‘bad’ or ‘toxic’ links) to an internet site is that the commonest method wont to attempt to de-throne top performers.

As we will see from this  2018 Search Engine Roundtable poll, a big number of SEO professionals (for the shortage of a far better term) have resorted to those tactics at just one occasion or another.

SEO professionals

In the last few years, Google possesses tons smarter, and it’s now completely ignoring tons of those spammy backlinks.

Matt Cutts, the previous head of Google’s webspam team, went on record thereupon within the video below:

Still, it doesn’t hurt to sometimes clean your link profile and take away the offending links – because a number of them could be slipping through Google’s webspam net.

The process of removing bad backlinks is comparatively simple, if time-consuming:

  1. Understand what makes a backlink ‘toxic’
  2. Use a tool to spot all bad links pointing to your website
  3. Contact the webmaster and request removal
  4. Create and submit a ‘disavow’ file to Google to ignore those links
  5. Get obviate the Pages (404/410) rather than the Links

Why is It Important to get rid of Bad Backlinks?

Backlinks are an important aspect of your SEO strategy. When your website attracts several backlinks from various authoritative websites, it acts as a stamp of approval. It tells search engines that others perceive you as a trusted source of data . This, in turn, helps them decide if your website is deserve a high ranking.

The quality of backlinks has become all the more crucial since the introduction of Google Penguin in 2012. the most purpose of Penguin is to spot and penalize websites that enjoys dubious backlink practices.

When your website has numerous bad backlinks, it puts your credibility into question. It indicates that you simply have resorted to unnatural or suspicious means to accumulate those links.

As a result, it triggers Google’s spam filter and should get your website penalized. Your website is probably going to experience a huge drop by program rankings and should even get banned by Google altogether. this will be detrimental to the expansion of your business and makes it necessary to get rid of bad backlinks coming to your site.

In 2016, Google made Penguin a neighborhood of their core search algorithm. It now monitors websites in real-time to detect any possibility of spam. This has made it all the more crucial for website owners to get rid of bad backlinks regularly.

Before you find out how to try to to that, you ought to know the various sorts of bad backlinks, so you recognize which of them to get rid of .

Links Coming from Link Networks

A link network refers to a gaggle of connected websites. they’re usually built for the only purpose of providing you with an outsized number of backlinks. they’re disguised as blogs or forums but have only a few backlinks pointing to any of their posts or threads.

Also, they’re likely to possess an enormous amount of duplicate content and cross-linking among sites.

When your website receives backlinks from such link networks, search engines perceive it as a suspicious activity. Also, program spiders often de-index link networks and devalue the links related to them. In fact, Google’s Webmaster Guidelines warn against the utilization of such link schemes.

Sitewide Links

These are links that appear on all pages of an internet site . Typically, they seem within the header, footer, and sidebar section of an internet site . as an example , websites developed on WordPress contain a link to within the footer section.

Steps to get rid of Bad Backlinks

To remove bad backlinks, you would like to try to to an entire backlink audit to spot the toxic ones. Doing this manually for thousands of links are often time-consuming and painstaking. Fortunately, there are a couple of tools which will assist you filter your backlinks supported different parameters.

Now, let’s take a glance at the steps you ought to follow to get rid of bad backlinks.

  1. Collect Your Backlink Data

The first step is to compile an inventory of all of the backlinks coming to your website from different sources. you’ll use various tools like SpyFu’s backlink checker for this purpose. you only need to enter the URL of your website, and click on on “search.” this may pull up the info of all the Google-ranked sites* that to you, along side their domain strength.


(* Sites that aren’t indexed by Google won’t be included. this is often improve the standard of the links shown.)

Alternatively, you’ll use the Google Search Console for this purpose. to try to to this, you ought to first make sure that your domain is connected to Google Analytics. Next, attend Google Search Console, click on “Search Traffic” then select “Links to Your Site.”

This will take you to subsequent page where you’ve got to click on “more” from the “Who links the most” section. Finally, you’ve got to click on “Download more sample links” to urge an inventory of all of your backlinks in CSV format.

link spam

  1. Identify Bad Backlinks

This is the foremost crucial step to get rid of bad backlinks. In this, you’ll got to manually audit every backlink. whenever you check one, you ought to ask yourself if the link’s content has relevancy to your website. If the content isn’t relevant, the backlink is perhaps not adding much value to your inbound link profile.

The backlink data gathered from Google Search Console doesn’t tell you anything about the toxic ones. However, the SpyFu results will show you the domain strength of the web site linking to you. to get rid of bad backlinks, it’s crucial to spot websites with lower domain strength.

You should also run an enquiry on Google with the name of the web site . If the web site isn’t indexed, Google could be penalizing it, and this will affect your rankings. to look for the web site on Google, you’ll look for “site:domainname.”

Bad Backlinks

Additionally, you ought to check for the website’s spam score. to see this, you’ll use the Link Explorer. Just enter the URL of the web site and you’ll be ready to find the website’s spam score. an internet site that features a high spam score may negatively affect your SEO efforts.

  1. Remove Bad Backlinks

In this step, you’ve got to urge in-tuned with the owners or webmasters of the linking sites. The key’s to request that they remove bad backlinks without threatening them. Specify the precise location of the backlink you would like them to delete. you’ll use SpyFu’s backlink outreach feature to seek out the contact details of the webmasters.

Domain Lookup

  1. Track and Monitor

Sending a removal request to the webmasters of linking sites isn’t enough to get rid of bad backlinks. you’ve got to trace your backlinks to seek out out whether or not they have complied together with your request. If a webmaster doesn’t respond within 5-10 days, you’ll send them a follow-up email also .

  1. Disavow The Remaining Bad Backlinks

What happens when a number of the webmasters don’t answer your request or refuse to get rid of bad backlinks? Fortunately, Google allows you to disavow the backlinks you don’t want to be related to your website.

The first step is to make an inventory of links to disavow. you’ll maintain an Excel spreadsheet to stay track of this. Next, you only need to attend the Google Disavow Links tool and upload your list. this may tell Google to not consider these links when determining your website’s program rankings.

  1. Get Rid Of the Pages (404/410) Instead Of the Links

Check which low-quality pages on your website are linked by bad backlinks and get rid of the pages (404/410) instead of the links. That is probably not what you want, as most pages will have value for your website. Besides that, too many 404s send a wrong message to Google as well. In addition to getting rid of the page, you should also disavow these bad backlinks.

Get rid of the domain and start all over. Drastic, but if your site isn’t worth investing to clean up these bad backlinks, that might be an effective way. I wouldn’t do that unless Google has clearly penalized you for Penguin, Panda and more, though.


The inbound link profile of your website features a major impact on your program rankings. it’s crucial to spot and take away bad backlinks to stop your website from getting penalized.

The best practice is to schedule periodic backlink audits to identify any toxic backlinks and take necessary corrective measures. you’ll use tools to filter spammy and low-quality backlinks and obtain them removed.

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