Popular Unisex Jewelry

There was a time when Unisex jewelry was only made for women. Jewelry like pendants, bracelets, and necklaces was made according to women’s preferences and tastes. However, times are changing. Nowadays, men wear jewelry as well. Therefore, jewelry is made according to the tastes of both men and women. Some companies make jewelry specifically for women while others cater to men’s jewelry. Alternatively, some companies make unisex jewelry. These are suitable for everyone. Leather bracelets, gold chains, and cremation pendants are some of the popular unisex jewelry. These are versatile pieces of jewelry and are suitable for everyone.

Designer Bracelets

Wearing a bracelet is a nice way to elevate any outfit. People who do not like to wear watches may wear bracelets instead. They look trendy and add an extra element to your entire look. There are many different varieties of bracelets. Big companies now make unisex bracelets in their trademark designs. Thus, bracelets are gaining popularity. Designer bracelets are available in different sizes and designs. Of all the designs, leather bracelets are some of the most best-selling ones. These add a casual and cool vibe to the outfit. Further, as they are unisex, anyone can wear them. For this reason, designer bracelets also make a good gift item.

Gold and Silver Chains

Everyone likes a bit of blink in their outfit! Gold and silver chains are the perfect jewelry pieces for that classy touch. Both men and women can wear chains either around their wrists or around their necks. People can also stack layers of chains together to create a unique look. Gold and silver chains are available in various designs. Some people like to wear thin and elegant chains. On the other hand, some people prefer bulky chains. People may also combine the two to create a glamorous look. Chains are very classic and people can match them with almost every outfit. Thus, gold and silver chains are very popular unisex items of jewelry.

Cremation Jewelry

Cremation jewelry is gaining popularity day by day. People also call it memorial jewelry or funeral jewelry. Cremation jewelry holds the ashes of the deceased so that the wearer can keep their loved ones close to their heart. In each piece, there is a compartment in which the person can store the ashes. Thus, cremation jewelry is another unisex jewelry. People of every age group and gender can own cremation jewelry. The best part about cremation jewelry is that it comes in many different forms. Cremation pendants, cremation rings, and cremation bracelets are available in different designs. Further, people can also get their cremation jewelry custom made. Many people like to go for different designs like a cross, a rose, or a picture pendant. The possibilities with cremation jewelry are endless.

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