Gifts for Men: Surprise Him with the Perfect Gift

Men are very poor at shopping. It’s extremely difficult to find out the wish list for men when it comes to shopping. You will often hear a father saying that he is happy with all he got and wants nothing more. You can hear a guy saying he is happy with the couple of rough and tough jeans he has and needs no more. But that’s not exactly the case with all men. Some men like shopping. But it’s not exactly shopping for clothes that most men like. Men have wish lists too but they are a bit unique. So here we will be discussing various likes and desires of men and some cool gifts for guys.

Things to Consider while Gifting Men on their Birthdays

There are certain likes and dislikes of men shopping for things. Before you go selecting something for him you need to know his wish list first and fore mostly. Gifting Levis jeans to your guy who is a PC gamer will go in vain. Gifting a PC to you man who likes riding won’t work. So it is extremely vital that you find out the likes and dislikes first. However, there are certain birthday gifts for men or any cool gifts for guys that almost every man likes.

Leather Jackets

Guys especially men have a fascination for leather jackets for ages. A brown or a black pure leather jacket will make him over joyous on his birthday. Moreover, if he’s a rider and loves traveling, this will be the perfect birthday gift for men. Moreover, the leather jacket makes your man look masculine as well. It gives a manly look to any guy.

Xbox or PS4

If your guy is a gamer, then this will be his dream thing to get as a gift. Almost every guy has a fascination with football. Most boys or even men like to play FIFA on an Xbox or a PS4. So gifting a PS4 or Xbox will be the most perfect birthday gift for your guy which he will never forget.


Men like to smell good, be it in the office or at a party. Most men crave for luxury perfumes or body odor. So gifting him an expensive deodorant or a perfume might be an ideal choice. Moreover, who does not want his man to smell good? Everyone does! So, perfume or body odor can be perfect birthday gifts for men.


Guys have a thing for shoes. The ones who like traveling; gifting him a Woodland will be perfect. The ones who are into trekking will be going for a trekking shoe. If your man is a manager in a Multi-company then a black leather formal shoe will surely make him go crazy. Or else, go for a GUCCI if your man likes to party.

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