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7 Home Remedies Everyone Should Know

Why take the risk of visiting a doctor, if some good habits can change our health and life forever? In this era of fast food and dieting, we always rush to eat something tasty, fast yet less oily. Most of the time while finding something extraordinary and unique to keep ourselves healthy, our search ends up with some medicinal supplements or pills.

But in this advanced search, we totally bypass the natural ingredients present in our homes. Some ingredients are scientifically and ayurvedically proven remedies for various health issues of our modern world. In this article, we will know about some of the very common and famous home remedies. These remedies should be known to everyone so that, can be used instantly to cure any sudden situation.


Turmeric is a spice in use from ancient times. It is filled with lots of medicinal properties, especially anti-inflammatory properties. The most active ingredient of turmeric which provides it with this goodness is curcumin. It helps to reduce joint pain very effectively without the intervention of any medical help, but using turmeric used should be based on the severity of pain.

● Pomegranate:

The potential benefits of pomegranate come from its vitamin C and antioxidant content. This provides it with the healthy property of anti-inflammation and helps to cure issues associated with digestion. Besides, pomegranate is also known to provide relief from heart diseases, arthritis and lowers blood pressure.


Ginger is best known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It possesses some anti-oxidants which help to block and break down the inflammatory compounds in the body. Intake of ginger through drinks can help you to get relief from issues like nausea, stomach ache, sore throat, cold, and many more. So, next time you feel an uneasy body, give a try to warm ginger drinks. Ginger is also used in the case we have a dry cough, in that case you can keep ginger by the side of your cheeks inside the mouth that helps in easing down the dry cough and providing relief.

Apple Cider:

Apple cider is one of the most famous modern remedies of the time. It is best known for its healthy composition of acetic acid along with water, vitamins and minerals. It helps to treat a variety of health issues besides aiding in weight loss. One of the common benefits obtainable by the use of apple cider is control over high cholesterol and blood sugar.


The soothing fragrance of lavender is the most powerful tool it possesses. Because of its fragrance, it is used for aromatherapy and also to inhale in other ways. Inhaling the aroma helps to cure a variety of health issues like migraine pain, PMS symptoms, and many more. Besides, it also helps to relieve common causes of insomnia like anxiety.


Honey is a good source of anti-oxidants and is best known for its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It helps to heal wounds faster and is a health-conscious individual’s best friend.  It adds flavor to sweet edibles without the use of sugar. Besides, honey is best to cure digestive problems and problems related to a sore throat.


Lemon is rich in vitamin C, fiber and many plant compounds. Squeezing a lemon in warm water and drinking it empty stomach, early in the morning helps to relieve a variety of health problems.  It supports heart health, digestive health and most importantly to control body weight. So, don’t forget to drink a glass of lemonade every morning.

Take Away

Home remedies are always considered the safest way to treat any situation. The chances of side-effects are minimum while using these. All the above-mentioned ingredients are easily available in our homes. They help to solve a variety of our day-to-day life issues but you must be careful of the dosage you take. High doses are highly restrained of anything you consume, so be careful with the consumption quantity.

We would recommend you to try the above mentioned ways as per your requirement. And if you find any kind of discomfort while using it then stop using it right away. Also, if your condition is severe then don’t rely on home remedies but visit your doctor at the earliest. An old adage says “prevention is better than cure” hence we must adopt the above-mentioned home remedies in order to avoid any future physical strain on our body.

However, this is definitely a contradiction to the point that Ayurveda and home remedies can not treat all, yes it is true! Once our health issues are not curable or in the advanced stage we must seek medical help rather than resting on home remedies. Home remedies are good at the primary stage while other medical help and medications are good and helpful when we have a disease of chronic type or in an advanced stage.

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