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10 Tips to Make Gaming Experience Safe When Playing Escape Room

Lately, escape rooms are taking over the world of outdoor entertainment. An escape room’s unique experience is unmatched by any other video game. Not only do you get to do something special with your close ones, but you can also indulge in a mind-bending adventure event.

Escape rooms take heavy inspiration from the escape-the-game video games where you had to accomplish a set of challenges to emerge victorious in the gameplay. Since then, many companies in Japan, Australia, and the US have tried to replicate its experience and lore to develop a game that will teleport you to a fantastical world where you can be whatever protagonist you love! Whether a detective solving a murder trial, a magician on their way to defeat a curse, a pirate who’s looking for treasure, etc.

And the game is pretty simple no matter what genre your escape room belongs to and which character you get to play. You and your teammates are locked up in a room, and the goal is to break free from it by finding hidden clues and solving various kinds of puzzles. Usually, you have to accomplish getting out within sixty minutes.

What is interesting about this game is that not only does it provide good entertainment, but it also tests your team’s communication skills and problem-solving abilities. Also, the popularity of escape rooms is such that you will have one to go to in your city. Just a quick “escape rooms near me” search on Google, and you can go to the nearest one!

Even though escape rooms are fun and exciting, the pressure of the timer is always on your back. Because of this, you may rush into solving puzzles and end up breaking things around you or hurting yourself. Other times, you may be over-confident in your breaking-out abilities and ruin the experience for your team. In times like these, you must remember that you’re and your team’s safety takes top priority, not escaping the room.

Here are 10 tips to make the gaming experience safe while playing in an escape room.

1. Always wear light and comfortable clothes.

In an escape room, your main objective is to find clues as fast as possible. To do that, you need to wear clothes that can help you move around freely. Here, you might also have to bend, stretch and crawl. So, it is a good idea not to wear tight clothes or to restrict clothes that might hinder your movement.

Thus, the best attire for an escape room would be to wear casual clothes. Wear something you would wear if you were going for a stroll. You can also wear sports clothes that are suitable for physical activity. And for shoes, choose a comfortable pair of sneakers.

Avoid wearing flowy dresses or any kind of heels. Remember that you will be in a small room for nearly an hour. Wearing something that may cause pain in your feet will only stop you from winning the game.

Another tip would be not to wear any jewelry. Small items may get lost during the game, or the chains and bracelets may get stuck somewhere and break. All in all, wear clothes that make you feel comfortable and have a safe escape room experience.

2. Eat well, and stay hydrated. 

To solve an escape room, you must be alert and on top of your senses. If you are hungry or thirsty during the game, solving clues will be the last thing on your mind. You will concentrate only on your stomach rather than your surroundings. So, when the entire point of an escape room is for you to have an immersive experience, your hunger and thirst will snap you back into reality, ruining your game. Therefore, eat well and drink water before you enter the world of an escape room. Also, make sure to use the washroom before you start the game.

When we say eat well, we absolutely do not mean you have to overeat. This, again, will hinder you from having a good time. And you wouldn’t be able to enjoy any game if you have an upset stomach, and the same goes for escape rooms as well. In addition, having a full stomach may also affect your agility, and you may become less active. We want you to be in your best physical condition while you attempt to solve an escape room.

The best thing to do is have a hearty meal after the game ends. Share your stories with your teammates over the table. And if you did win, celebrate your victory with a blast!

3. Beware of the items in the escape rooms, especially the sharp ones. 

There are going to be various items in the escape room set up as props and decorative pieces according to the theme. While most of them are not going to cause you any harm while handling them, you will have to be careful nonetheless. Some objects in the room might be potentially dangerous if you are not cautious. For example, if you must climb on top of a chair to find a clue, make sure that the chair is stable enough to carry your weight. Ask your teammates to give you a hand, just in case.

You also have to note that some objects might be sharp. Their purpose in the escape room is to act as a showpiece, so be mindful of how you choose to hold them. Things like a pair of scissors may be available for you to solve clues and help you advance in your escape. But we advise you not to use them carelessly.

Sometimes, items could also have broken parts. In cases like these, make sure to call your coordinator and inform them about it. Doing this will help prevent any untoward injuries.

4. It will be dark, so ensure you keep a cool head.

Escape rooms are bound to be dark. Minimum lights will make a sinister environment, giving you the best immersive experience. After all, playing in an escape room with bright lights will not present you with much of a challenge. So, in an atmosphere where you can barely see, it is essential that you keep your senses alert. Because if you are not, you might trip and fall, causing you injuries.

Sometimes the lights may go completely off to give you a heightened sense of tension. In times like these, make sure that you do not panic. So, if you are afraid of the dark or are claustrophobic, we advise you to think twice before entering the escape room.

The most reasonable approach to take in a dim environment is not to run around. In a room full of darkness, it is best not to panic. You have to rely on your special sixth sense in the room, which will eventually lead to a fantastic escape!

And. if, by chance, you or your teammate break something, make sure to keep still and call the coordinator.

5. Do not use any force in an escape room. 

However strong you are, your muscles will be of no use in an escape room. An escape room requires you to use your brain, not your body. So it is best not to turn on destruction mode and break locks! For your safety, ensure you do not manipulate or damage objects in the room. You might end up hurting your team members when you are yanking a prop that does not require yanking. Worst case scenario, you might have to pay for the things that you have damaged.

If an object is supposed to move, it will. Do not try to apply force on it. If you find that an object or a lock is not moving even though you have solved the puzzle, you might want to try other ways of interacting with it. Indeed, you will find a way.

Remember that an escape room tests your intellect. If you try to win your way out by using force, you are only ruining the experience for yourself. At the same time, you could also get hurt. Therefore, play a fair game and play safe!

6. If you find electrical sockets in the escape room, do not go near them. 

Escape room designers know exactly what they need to put in the room and what does not. Every item in there will have a purpose of its own. However, no escape room designer would want any of the players to mess with the electrical sockets in the room. Unless the socket is fake or part of the set design, we advise you not to go near any of them as they will not be helpful to your escape in the game.

Never even think of inserting any object inside a socket. Electricity is dangerous to handle. If anything goes wrong, it may cause severe injuries. Suppose your escape involves using electricity in any way (which is usually not the case in most escape rooms). In that case, your coordinator will give you all the safety measures while handling sockets.

Most of the time, the electric sockets will already stay plugged in with the devices needed for the game. An escape room is a fun and safe environment, so you only need to be mindful of your environment and play safe!

Escape rooms

7. Do not bring your belongings with you, especially if they are dangerous. 

In an escape room, you will not require your phones, wallets, handbags, purses, or any other personal belongings. You are likely to lose your stuff in the room, especially if they are small. Escape rooms have their setups designed in such a way that you do not need any other items other than the ones available to you inside. So, do not assume you will need your phone to help solve the puzzles in the game! Most escape rooms do not even allow you to take your phones inside anyway, so do not try to be sneaky. All you need are your teammates, your brain, and fast-moving hands. And if you are stuck on a clue, it is better to ask for a hint than to ask Google.

Most escape rooms have locker facilities. So, keep your belongings safe by using the lockers and depositing the key at the reception.

In addition, remember not to bring any dangerous items like lighters, blades, or scissors. They can be hazardous to your health and safety, so make sure you leave all of these items at home before coming to an escape room.

8. Try not to get into arguments with your teammates. 

Escape rooms test your communication skills and how well you coordinate with your team members. Often, the pressure of winning can bring out the worst in us. We may tend to blame our fellow members for not doing an excellent job at finding clues or cracking codes. It may lead to unnecessary arguments, and the worst part is that your teammate might get hurt emotionally, if not physically. The point is to be a part of the team, not away from it.

To avoid such a situation, it is crucial that you share everything that might be of help in escaping with one another. If any of your teammates have any difficulty, try to give them a helping hand instead of discouraging them. Of course, it feels good to be able to solve clues before anyone else and try to take credit for it. But remember that this is a team game, and you have to win it together. You stand a much better chance of working with one another than making it a solo game. Getting into fights will only lead to you wasting time, losing, and draining all of your emotional energy.

9. Be aware of all the emergency exits in the escape room, if any. 

If you are trying an escape room for the first time, the experience might be a little scary and daunting. While some are confident, others might need a bit of a courage booster. So before entering the escape room, ask your coordinator about possible ways to get out of the room in case a team member feels stuffy or nauseous. You can also enquire about any emergency exits in the room, just to be on the safer side. Usually, all the details about safety get explained to your team before you enter the room, so be sure to pay full attention to the instructions. On learning that there are ways to quit the game, your team members might be at ease.

As mentioned earlier, an escape room should give you a fun and exciting time rather than an atmosphere filled with fear and doubt. If at any time you may feel uncomfortable, you can always call out for help. While escape rooms may or may not have an emergency exit, you can still count on the fact that the staff in charge of the escape room will always keep your safety and security in mind.

10. Lastly, follow all the COVID-19 precautions. 

COVID has finally taken a step back and allowed people to enjoy an escape room experience. While it is true that COVID may not pose a significant risk after the vaccinations, it is still essential to make sure that everyone follows all the protocols.

Understandably, staying six feet away from each other in a small, dark space at all times is nearly impossible. However, you can still follow the rest of the precautions, like sanitizing your hands and checking your temperature before entering the escape room. Also, ensure that your team has got vaccinated before starting your game. As a precautionary measure, ask the staff if they have got vaccinated as well. You can also enquire whether the room has gotten thoroughly sanitized after previous teams have finished playing their game.

Like always, the basic rules of hygiene still apply. Be considerate of the cleaning staff and ensure you do not leave the room in a terrible mess. In times of a global pandemic, we need to be extra careful so that we do not infect ourselves and, in turn, everyone around us.

Better be safe than sorry!

Whether with your close friends, family, or colleagues, going to an escape room for a great time together is the best choice you can make. But as fun and exciting as escape rooms are, it is up to you to be cautious of anything that might come as an unpleasant incident.

Escape rooms are also children-safe. So, if you plan on bringing kids aboard your team, explain to them in detail what they can and cannot do once they are inside. Since kids tend to be more enthusiastic than adults, they might end up getting hurt inside the escape room. Therefore, ask them to be cautious of their surroundings.

Rest assured that an escape room will not cause any dangerous or unsafe situation. As long as you and your team follow all the safety rules of the game, the game will give you all the thrills that you need.

The 10 comprehensive tips listed above give you all the do’s and don’ts of how to play an escape room safely. If you follow them to the dot, you will surely have the best sixty-minute adventure of your life!

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