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Everyone these days talk about being eco-friendly or using such products. Being on the fourth spot of creating pollution as per the statistics, Fashion world is also trying to make changes in its consumption and practices for a greener planet. Curbing the age-old techniques and better production practices are required as the long-term impact of fashion can be detrimental to the environment and society. Also, fashion trends change with the blink of an eye which over production and under consumption. Moving towards bio-based clothing will benefit us in long-run.

Sustainable clothing means where all the garments are produced, manufactured and processed in the ecological and socially responsible manner. It also takes into account the eco-consciousness and ethical fashion choices. The concept of sustainable fashion includes respect for people, the planet, and all living things. As charity begins at home, so does sustainability.

One of the major reasons for doing is saving our natural resources as 97% of new resource is being used for manufacturing a new piece of garment and only 3% recycled material is used. In turn this reduces the carbon print also. Another big reason is saving animal life with slaughtering of millions of animals is done for fur, leather etc. Moreover, it is skin friendly product of premium quality. As we love ourselves sustainable practices make us love our clothes again.

Types of Fabrics

As a first step, Fashion industry has started manufacturing game changing fabrics. Few of them are:

Organic Cotton:

The cotton fabric that is produced without the use of any of fertilizers, pesticides or any transgenic technology. To secure the crop from pests, farmers generally use crop rotation method. India produces almost 50% of global organic cotton. Some of the companies like doodlage, No-nasties, B-label chooses to be green with major use of organic cotton for their garment business.

Bamboo Fabrics:

Also known as Bamboo rayon, bamboo Viscose, these materials are made from extracting semi-synthetic cellulose from bamboo fibers. One of the major pros is that it is possible to harvest organic bamboo without destroying the plant and renews rapidly. Extraction done through non-cellulose method produces bamboo linen with soft texture. A natural enzyme is used in the process of washing and spinning bamboo wood fibers into yarn. The materials are mainly used in textiles and furnishings.


The material is developed by the Italian company Aquafil. By reducing and recycling synthetic waste from the ocean, such as industrial plastics, waste fabrics, and fishing nets, it creates nylon yarn that has the same quality as virgin nylon. Waste is collected, cleaned, and shredded before being depolymerized to remove nylon, polymerized, spun into yarn, and re-marketed as textile products. A greener step towards better environment.


It’s a semi-synthetic fabric which used in place of cotton or few times for silk. Its basically a type of rayon made from the extraction of wood cellulose and synthetic substances. The consumption of water while production is very less as compared to other fabrics.


The bio fabric is made from spinning cellulose from beach trees. Beach tree fibers require very less water which makes it an extremely environment friendly option. It has softness of silk and smoothness of cotton. Also, it needs minimum ironing. The fabric serves one of the best options for making tshirts and sporting materials.

Eco Vero:

It is an organic viscose derived from controlled sources of sustainable wood. An Austrian firm named Lenzing manufactures it. The extraction is done from the trees surrounding sites thereby decreasing the carbon emission done because of transit. The produced cloth is soft and silky in texture. It is absolutely perfect for summer clothing as it absorbs moisture four times its weight.


An organic replacement for Leather. One can say it is a byproduct made from after harvesting pineapple. The leaves are collected and the long fibers are removed using semi-automatic machine. Further a purification process takes place to remove any impurities. The left-over leaves after extraction can be dispose ofbiodegradable without causing any harm to the environment. The fluff like fabric Pinafelt is then blended with a corn based polylactic acid and put through a mechanical process. Brands like Hugo boss, H & M are using this material in producing fashion accessories and upholstery.


The fibers used to produce woocoa fur are leftover coconut fibers from the food industry and hemp fibers. The produced fur is a perfect option for textile industry as it is soft and anti-bacterial because of coconut fibers and hemp fibers are sturdy and easily dyeable. The premium quality cloth is highly durable and flexible in nature.


Also known as cuprommonium rayon or ammonia silk. The semi-synthetic textile material is made from recycled cotton fibres (or other plant cellulose) exposed to copper, ammonia, and caustic soda. It is sustainable material but of the minimum degree. A cupro fiber is neither a natural fiber nor a synthetic one. Chemicals are used to create semi-synthetic cotton fabrics, similar to lyocell and modal.


A milk protein called casein is used in forming the fabric resembling wool. Casein is first dried and combined with beeswax, wheat, flour and so on. Fibers are then formed and spun into the yarn. Biodegradable fiber is used. It is a easy to dye natural fiber.

These fabrics have changed the landscape of fabrics produced in textile industries. Many fabrics are in the pipeline such as rose petal silk, algae bioplastic, sweat crystals, pineapple leather and soy cashmere will be future. Designers are ready to use these yarns but its the common man who has to start the revolution. Awareness is the best shot for using such fabrics. One can find all these fabrics on Fab couture’s website at the comfort of your home. Happy fabric shopping.

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