Why Opt for Bow Tie Detailing when it comes to Exterior & Interior Car Detailing?

Do you ever know what is done for car detailing? What does it include? Well, the car detailing is always changing with the car detailer. They have their tactic. Hand Car Wash Rockville has become so popular. The people can enjoy their best car detailing, which includes the most progressive changes.

Generally, car detailing is a type of service which has offered the customers to clean every square inch of their car. Well, it comes for both exterior and interior car detailing.

The company is working on auto detailing. The company offers the patrons optimum Car Detailing RockvilleIn this process, the experts follow a multi-step process. They do some of the necessary detailing with the interior and exterior of your car.

They prefer a total clean-up of your vehicle by following their steps. Bow Tie detailing is different from other companies. These firm working methods are unique. Each individual has their way to work. It may vary from company to company.

What Makes Bowtie Detailing Special for Detailing of Your Car?

You will surely love the work from them. Many people encounter their outer look as pretty decent after getting the car detailing service. Well, you will notice too- what’s on the outside!

This is why the detailers of Bowtie detailing are devoting their best by spending much of their time and attention to your car. They always keep a few things in their mind before the beginning of detailing. The experts are doing something great to give your car a new look.

They have to accomplish some basic detailing, which are of two types. One is the exterior process, and another is the interior process.

  1. Exterior Process

Wash & Dry 

The experts perform the exterior detailing with the help of a high-powered wash. Then they go for handwashing the outside part with a mild soap. After doing so, they choose to dry the car.


They will do some clay work. In this case, they use a clay bar to eliminate any smidgens of overspray, such as watermarks or soap scum, or any other particles. This can wash the unremoved marks.


When you use your car for an extended interval, you may lose some of its shine. The detailers do some polishing over it to restore the original paint coating.


At last, they apply the sealant to the exterior part of your car. This allows your car to get a glossy shine. Also, they use another method i.e., spreading over the wax to the surface.

  1. Interior Process
  2. Vacuuming: When the detailers start an interior car detailing, they always jump with the use of a vacuum. This process involves the cleaning of all interior areas.
  3. Brushing: This method also includes Scrubbing or Shampooing.The detailers do get the cleaner output of your matt.
  • Wiping–In this process, the detailer will smear the car’s surfaces with a cleaning agent. By doing so, your car can have a new shine to its interior.
  1. Deodorizing –It is the final step. The detailers apply some fragrances to eliminate the odor of the paint.

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