Tyres use air pressure to perform their normal functions. Since they are made up of rubber, objects with sharp edges and points may damage their body easily at any time. Therefore, facing punctures on roads is normal for car drivers.

Since Car Tyres Northampton need air pressure to run on roads efficiently, you have to repair your faulty tyre to resume your journey. Sometimes, it is not very easy to find an instant solution in the condition of a puncture. Therefore, you have to enhance your knowledge about puncture and preventive ideas.

Flat Tyres

In this blog, we will tell you about punctures and blowouts. Moreover, you will read about run-flat technology which is a revolutionary invention to keep you safe from the negative effects of punctures and blowouts.

Let us begin!

Punctures In Tyres: Overview

Punctures take place in tyres because of pointed and sharp objects. These objects may include iron nails, screws, and shards of glass. When a sharp object pierces the body of a car tyre, loss of air takes place instantly because of the tiny hole.

Since faulty tyres lose air pressure, driving the car is not possible for the car driver. You should not try to drive your vehicle on a flat tyre because of the risk of serious mechanical faults.

There are some common steps that you can take to fix the issue. You can change your flat tyre if you have a spare tyre along with a toolbox. If you do not have a spare tyre or you do not know how to change the flat tyre, you can use a puncture repair kit. Using a puncture repair kit will fill the hole temporarily and you can resume the journey after fixing the issue. After using the kit, you have to visit a garage to fix the problem permanently.

Considering the reparability of punctures is also necessary before you take your next step in the case of a flat tyre. Punctures on the tread are repairable. Moreover, shallow and narrow punctures are safe to repair because they do not reach the internal structure. Wide and deep punctures are not repairable on the other hand. Moreover, your mechanic would not repair sidewall punctures as well.

As you see, the main problem after the incident is low air pressure in the faulty tyre. Therefore, the car owner has to replace the tyre with a spare tyre or they have to repair the tyre with fault to resume their journey.

You will find it very difficult to fix the problem if you do not know how to change the tyre or you cannot reach a garage safely.

New run flat technology allows you to reach a garage or a safe place if one of your tyres is punctured.

Let us have a look at run-flat tyres!

What Are Run-Flat Tyres?

Run flat tyres function with the help of advanced technology that allows you to drive your car safely for a limited distance on a flat tyre. These tyres come with a reinforced sidewall that supports the load of the vehicle in the case of insufficient air pressure in the tyre.

Standards design of tyres would not allow you to drive the vehicle on a flat tyre. Ordinary tyres cannot bear the weight of your car in the case of a puncture. On the other hand, run-flat tyres provide this facility with the help of an improved sidewall.

How Run Tyres Help The Car Owners:

First of all, run-flat tyres are available with reinforced sidewalls to carry the load of your vehicle. It means, your flat tyre does not need to bear the load and you do not have to stop your car because of the inefficiency of your flat tyre.

Sidewalls of run-flat tyres are made up of specific materials that provide full support to the faulty tyre in the condition of low air pressure.

The shape of normal tyres is deformed because of low air pressure. Therefore, they do not maintain proper contact with the road surface. Run flat tyres maintain their proper shape after a puncture. In other words, they maintain proper contact with the road surface and you do not need to stop your car instantly.

Low air pressure in tyres is responsible for generating high levels of heat. Therefore, run-flat tyres come with heat-resistant rubber material to reduce the chances of blowouts.

Benefits Of Run-Flat Tyres

Safe journeys:

You maintain full control of your car with the help of run-flat tyres in the condition of a puncture. With normal tyres, car owners may lose control at any time because of low air pressure. Therefore, drivers are safer with run-flat tyres.


You do not have to stop your car in an unsafe place because of a flat tyre if you have installed run flat tyres in your vehicle. Moreover, replacing a flat tyre with a spare is also troublesome sometimes. In the case of using run-flat tyres, you are free from this trouble as well.

Peace Of Mind:

When you already know that you are travelling with the assistance of run-flat Tyres Wootton, your blood pressure will be at the correct level and you will travel with great peace of mind.

By Frank Castle

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